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Mike Nifong without the male genitalia

Carly Hoilman of the Blaze says Fox News’ Trace Gallagher is reporting that leaked text messages between one of Marilyn Mosby’s deputies and the lead investigator in the Freddie Gray case raise new concerns about Mosby’s honesty and good faith in deciding to charge six officers with Gray’s death. The leaked messages reportedly suggest that the prosecutors planned to charge the officers regardless of what the evidence showed.

The swine says...

The swine said:

Double M (Marilyn Mosby) catered to the mindless mob over the death of another entrepreneur.  The results spoke well of the justice system that held a malicious prosecution in check–a bench trial as opposed to a jury of “peers.”  Nevertheless, the damage to the morale of the Baltimore P.D. was and still is immeasurable.  Another example of the tail wagging the dog when it comes to pleasing the easily excitable though profoundly ignorant masses.

via Report: Leaked text messages demonstrate Mosby’s bad faith | Power Line