Did we really expect anything else apart from another reprieve?  Trump is right; it’s up to the voters to decide whether rule of law matters or whether corruption should be rewarded and perpetuated.  Such a sad state of affairs if voters choose the later.

Trump’s shortcomings seem like nothing compared to Clinton’s well documented history of failures, corruption, and complete incompetence.  Voting for Trump seems like a no-brainer, but I’m a certified deplorable and I keep track of the uncomfortable facts that liberals and low-information voters tend to either gloss over, ignore outright or never encounter given their choices of news consumption i.e. mainstream media.

Since most of the media is in the tank with Clinton, the low-information voter is fed biased “reporting” in favor of Clinton.  The media’s treatment of Barry Obama insured revealing Joe-the-plumber questions wouldn’t be asked so as to avoid exposing the fraud as a fraud.  The collective critical thinking skills of the masses being what they are, failed to recognize an empty suit for an empty suit, and elected Barry to two terms.  The same play book is being followed by the “information” gate-keepers, but will they have the same results on election day with the corrupt grandma? Consider this:


Here is an interesting fact regarding Comey’s decision:

Let’s hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.