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Fake News Strikes Again:  Chip & Joanna Gaines From HGTV

Take the time to read “1984” and ponder the fictional world that Orwell so presciently wrote about, and sadly, has manifested in one form or another as government has continued to grow and grow along with the surveillance state.  One current example of thought-crime that has reared its ugly head had taken form in the “controversy” surrounding the Gaines family.  Buzz Feed and Cosmo made an attempt to drum up hysteria regarding the couple’s church and its position on gay marriage.  What follows is Ben Shapiro’s analysis:

The left has contempt for religious people. It has more contempt for successful people who are religious. Those who worship and believe in God instead of the all-powerful state and the progressive agenda are labeled and attacked. There is no attempt to analyze and debate because that might lead to the truth. And the truth often runs counter to the left’s agenda.  Religious people often resist leftist agendas because their belief system looks far beyond mere man as an authority figure.