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First, lets start with an unrelated tweet:


That is quite a trend and it will probably continue as technology advances.  I have no data to confirm my hunch, but there exist another trend, a downward trend no less, that has continued to dog the mainstream media.  The internet has destroyed the stranglehold that broadcast and print media possessed.  Trump’s victory is a testament to the decreased influence of the mainstream media.  And now we hearing about fake news. The thinking public knows what the fake news is all about and the mainstream media turns out to be the purveyor of almost all of it.

Here’s a great summation of the year’s fake news stories:

And just how does fake news start?

Of course, all her worth is concentrated in reading a telepromter. It reminds me of someone else.

And when we are given a wonderful view into the sordid email correspondence of the Democrat party, it is somehow “illegal” to read what was posted at Wikileaks: