Trump’s tweets may be controversial, but he has effectively exposed CNN as a fake news organization and seems to be having the last laugh.

Rush Limbaugh used to call this organization the Clinton News Network due to the bias nature of its reporting and cover it provided for the 90’s Clinton regime.  Today, it is a shameless propaganda machine; balanced and unbiased news will not be found on broadcasts nor its web pages.  Consider it agitprop for the Democrats.  If you thirst for the truth, then turning in to CNN is like wandering the desert searching for water; there will the occasional oasis, but you’ll generally be dying of thirst.  Sadly, the other networks are not much different–Fox is somewhat of an exception.

Trump hatred shouldn’t hinge on CNN’s dereliction of duty to report the truth, its willful distortions of reality, and the inexcusable manufacturing of fake stories to fit a left-wing narrative.   Sadly, people form opinions from the thin gruel that CNN serves day-in and day-out.  Anyone who avoids passively digesting this slanted spew cannot help but see the forest for the trees and everything in between.

Such an exercise of discernment may even assist the mind in discarding previous animus arising from the corrupted leftist narrative served by the entire mainstream media.  Just think, a true news organization becoming the focus of “the news” is not a good thing. CNN may have doxed the meme creator, but Trump has taken off CNN’s mask for all to see–an unapologetic opposition opinion creator of the Left and a progressive cheer leader.


The CNN/Reddit story takes a turn toward the criminal. Ted Cruz tweeted some interesting statutes for the legal team at CNN to ponder. I wonder if the meme poster has a civil ca$e against the fake news network.  Notwithstanding that, Trump baited them and exposed the ostensive news organization for what it really is.

A tweet of Tucker Carlson discloses more of CNN’s malfeasance: